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The Black Truth behind White Lies

Authored by David Lee

List Price: $14.99
5.5″ x 8.5″ (13.97 x 21.59 cm)
Black & White Bleed on White paper
176 pages
David Lee the Author
ISBN-13: 978-0578181578
ISBN-10: 0578181576
BISAC: Political Science / Political Freedom & Security / Civil Rights

The intensity and knowledge you will experience while reading this book is phenomenal. The American system’s body of documents have been created with one purpose, the empowerment of the European race. Church, state, federal and any other government legislative ruling is enforced for you to believe and follow as if all laws passed are the truth. This book will go in to full detail and ultimately disassemble your belief in their system. This white system is full of lies that are deemed polite and harmless. These lies are called white lies. David Lee the Author wants to awaken the dead and create the wake-up call for all non-Europeans and the Black race.
The Black Truth behind White Lies will open the door for discussing the social economical divide in the world. The inconsistencies being taught in the school system and church doctrines. The social injustices NOT being discussed in the media, church nor around the dinner table.

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