Black Truth behind White Lies

Making America great again as espoused by the current presidency and followers is equal to re-creating a racist white supremacist filled country and is evidence of a failed America. This was reflected in Charlottesville, Virginia August 12, 2017.

My book ‘The Black Truth behind White Lies’ tells of the violence and the hatred towards the black, brown and yellow pigments of the human race in America. This behavior is a sign that the some of the rich powerful white men that rule this earth have the exact same characteristics of devil in the Bible. The satanic demons/workers or should I say accusers are the racist demonic police who assist the KKK supporting and a president in the global takeover that will reverse the slim progress of the Civil Rights Movement. The tragic treatment of non-white citizens is being revived from the 60’s  to be prevalent in the present and future.

The Black Truth behind White Lies tells the story of American History, from an angry intelligent black man who is tired of his people being murdered, raped, and brainwashed by the disrespectful white men. This book is a weapon to kill the lies, open your eyes to the truth and inspire the opportunity to change the destination of a society. Don’t let the eclipse of the sun  keep you from watching whats happening right in front of you.